Centre for Child-Focused Anthropological Research

The Centre for Child-Focused
Anthropological Research (C-FAR)
was founded in the Department of
Human Sciences at Brunel University
in 1999. The Centre is sponsored by
the Royal Anthropological Institute
with funding from the Diana, Princess
of Wales Memorial Fund.

The Aims of the Centre are:

- To consolidate and build a
comparative international
anthropological approach to child-
focused research.

-To guide this approach towards
settings where children's lives and
welfare are at risk from war, famine,
dislocation, abuse, neglect,
deprivation, physical and mental ill-
-To incorporate and address national
and international policy concerns and
practices relating to issues such as
child labour, education and family life.
- To raise the profile of such
research, disseminate its findings,
and promote their contribution to
changing children's lives for the


Key information

Operation level:
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Academic institution


Organisation mandate

, Children 0 - 18

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