Canadian Peacebuilding Coordinating Committee - Children and Armed Conflict Working Group

Promote and expand the use of humanitarian cease-fires to protect children during armed conflict. Improve implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child before, during, and post-conflict. Prevent the use of child soldiers and adopt the optional protocol. Expand the peace-building components of post-conflict reconstruction.


Provide an avenue for exchange of information and ideas through an active e-mail network and meetings. Expand local, regional, and national participation in action on this issue. Provide a link between the NGO community and government representatives. Provide an avenue for youth in Canada to be involved on this issue. Increase public awareness of issues relating to war-affected children. Seek improvements in public policies through joint advocacy on the national and international level. Share best practices and provide forums for learning from each other’s field work. Share strategic analysis of issues affecting children in specific countries- in-conflict.



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NGO network or group


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Lobby governments and the United Nations
Research child rights
Work in partnership with organisations

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