Buds of Christ

Empowering Children
Enabling Wellbeing

Our Vision : EMPOWERING CHILDREN ENABLING WELLBEING With a mission to empower Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) in India, Buds of Christ works on H.E.A.L Strategy. Health, Education, Advocacy and Livelihood opportunities of OVC and their families. HEALTH We focus to improve health status of children in community through health education, prevention campaigns, referrals, nutritional support for malnourished children and home based health monitoring and care EDUCATION To reduce school drop-outs particularly among children without parents and girl children, we support with school uniforms, school bags, note books and stationaries. Besides this, at NALAM Child Development Center, Life Skills Education sessions are held for adolescent children empowering them to be know and exercise their rights and responsibilities. ADVOCACY We strongly believe in involvement and participation of children in everything that is about children. We encourage children to participate and take leadership roles in advocating for their rights at all levels. Buds of Christ provides platforms for children to voice out their concerns to be heard by relevant stakeholders. LIVELIHOOD Economic independence is one of the key towards wellbeing of children. We provide economic opportunities and income generation support to widow mothers, grand parents who support their children/grand children towards wellbeing.

Buds of Christ


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NGO - non governmental organisation


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, Children 0 - 18

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