Bangladesh Environmental Lawyers' Association

"Bangladesh Environmental Lawyers Association is a society of lawyers active in the field of environment for establishing a sound ecological order using legal mechanism as a tool. The Mission of Bela is to Ensure a sound and sustainable ecological order in the country using legal mechanism Ensure a proper observation of vast regulatory regime on environment Make people aware of their environmental rights and duties. To achieve the objective BELA has drawn up a "Plan of Action" where the major areas of activities include Study policies , strategies, laws, case laws, institutional and traditional norms having direct or indirect bearing on environment and ecology Survey and examine legal , quasi legal and non legal issues and aspect of environment and ecology and to formulate necessary policy legal and institutional recommendations Organise and undertake legal or adminstrative actions and measures to protect, preserve environmental ecological systems Organise legal measure to protect environmetally sensitive and fragile eco-system including protection of vunerable groups, biological diversity, natural and cultural heritage and values Provide legal assistance and services to government non-government institutions, local traditional or other professional groups to enhance and support their efforts and endeavours to protect the environment and ecology Promote environmental awareness and to disseminate knowledge and information gathered especially publicise substantive and procedual laws on environment and ecology Render formal , informal , structural and non-structural legal training and assistance to various groups and at various levels, and to organise appropriate courses Develop and maintain documentation facilities research and informative materials publications of books , journals, reports, newsletters, and other forms for mass dissemination Main area of work is to ensure the right of children through legal mechanism ie. Public Interest Litigation (PIL) and create awareness among them about environment, pollution and other civil rights. BELA


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