Balkan Child Rights Initiative

The BCRI is an initiative which is now
in its preparatory phase (1
September 1999 - 1 September
2000). Its vision is to establish a
widespread network of regional
organisations/ or others, and thus
create a Balkans Child Rights Centre.
- The BCRI's main aim is to promote
the Convention on the Rights of the
Child in the Region.

- Programme objectives:
* To increase attention towards
children in the Balkans (on national
and local level, among authorities
and the public in the areas of policy
and practice.)
* To mobilise a concerned group of
adults and children in defence of
child rights.
* To enlarge the number and
involvement of adults and children in
active solidarity for child rights
locally, nationally and regionally.

-Activities (preparatory phase)
* Identification of partners in the
Balkan region
* Involving partners to look into the
situation on the rights of the child
and into players in implementation
and identify needs and priorities for
each country and for the Balkans as
a whole. The partners will be
assigned to write reports.
* Preparation of regional
assessment concerning the situation
of the children in the region on the
basis of the reports.
* Organising of a regional meeting of
coordinators of country reports in
order to create a proposal for the
BCRI with details on initital
programmes in the Balkans. BCRI


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NGO - non governmental organisation


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