Asia-Pacific Forum for Child Welfare

The mission of IFCW is to work with
children world-wide to improve the
quality of their lives and to enhance
opportunities for the development of
their full potential.
In accordance with IFCW's mission, APFCW particularly aims to a) ensure services for children in need and especially for those children whose rights are violated by individuals and/or states in the Asia-Pacific region b) assist governments and institutions in the region to understand children's needs and respond appropriately. The APFCW's aim will be achieved by 1) providing information and models of good practice and disseminating these thought the Asia-Pacific region 2) monitoring and influencing legislation and the development of policy issues affecting children 3) working with agencies who have similar objectives 4) encouraging the exchange of information and skills in service delivery 5) providing opportunities for training for those who work with children with special needs 6) educating world opinion on the interest and well being of children and 7) advocating governments in policies development and decision making process on the issues that potentially threaten the development of children. In pursuit of these aims and objectives, APFCW will: 1) arrange conferences and seminar on critical issues in child welfare 2) create forum for discussion, consultation and co-operation through organisations engaged in offering health, welfare and education for children families 3) offer information services in organisations, people, resources and research agencies 4) provide child welfare related training opportunities 5) facilitating study tour and exchange visits 6) raise funds to met the aims and objectives of the APFCW and 7) campaign to achieve the objectives of APFCW. Upon the establishment of APFCW, seventeen organisations working the rea of child welfare from Australia, Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, Mauritius, New Zealand and the Philippines have been registered as members of the Forum. Currently, APFCW members consisted of 25 organisations from nine countries. APFCW is establishing an extensive contact with organisation working in the field of child welfare in the Asia- Pacific region to apply for membership. APFCW is directed by a council which meet at least two times in each financial year. APFCW programmes cover AIDS and HIV, child labour, street children, children in especially difficult circumstances, family care.APFCW


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