VIOLENCE: "One Billion Rising"campaign aims to end violence against women and girls

Summary: Men and women around the world are being urged to rise and dance together on 14 February to end violence against women and girls.


[14 February 2013] - The Office of the UN Secretary-General and "Unite to End Violence against Women" are joining the One Billion Rising campaign at UN Headquarters.

Michelle Bachelet, the Head of UN Women, the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women, calls on everyone to rise to stand with girls and women of the world.

"I say no to domestic violence, No to rape and sexual crimes, No to human trafficking, No to female genital mutilation, No to forced and early marriage. I am rising to put an end to the shame, the stigma, the humiliation and the discrimination. I am rising for every victim and every survivor. I am rising for the rights and the human rights of every women and girl to live free of fear and violence."

The One Billion Rising campaign is sponsored by Eve Ensler's V-day organization.

Ms. Ensler is author of the famous play “Vagina Monologues”.





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