SOUTH AND CENTRAL ASIA: Report on the Regional Workshop for Children's Media Initiatives to further Child Rights (21 July 2005)

Summary: This month, 26 children, speaking 7 different
languages from 6 different countries and 14
different organisations have came together to
celebrate their similarities and diversities in
the Regional Workshop for Children’s Media
Initiatives to further Child Rights in South and
Central Asia.

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The workshop provided children with a forum to meet, share, build linkages
and learn from each other's experiences in child led media. Children shared
their own media initiatives in their own countries like children’s radio
programmes, newspapers, etc.

The photo journalism session was facilitated by Anirban Dutta, Children
were trained on using a camera. The youngest participant was a 9 year old
girl from Bangladesh. Children also learnt how to prepare an exhibition
through the use of their photos. The subject of the exhibition was children
working in stone quarry outside the Kathmandu Valley.

Another workshop on puppetry was facilitated by Dadi D. Pudumjee where
children used old clothes and scrap material to make puppets, and
produced short plays on the right to education and child abuse. They
produced very colourful and striking puppets to discuss the need for
education for children.

The comic and illustrations workshop which was facilitated by Sharad
Sharma and aimed at advocating child issues using comics. The children
produced their own comics in Nepali, Hindi, Banglad, Urdu and English
exhibiting various children issues like neglect, disabilities, gender
discrimination, drug abuse, child rights, etc.

The fourth workshop on developing websites with children was facilitated
by Karna Maharjan. Children developed websites on child participation and
the media. At the end of the workshop they uploaded their files on the
internet, at the following href=''>website.

An exhibition of media produced by children at the workshop was
organised on 20th July. The workshop has been video documented by two
girl children who are from Pokhara, who have been trained in film making
and have already produced films on children's rights.

For more information, contact:
Ravi Karkara, Regional Programme Manager
Save the Children Sweden, South and Central Asia Office
Lalithpur, Kathmandu, Nepal
Email: [email protected]


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