HONDURAS: Alarming Executions and Violent Deaths of Children

Summary: Casa Alianza Honduras has observed that,
since the beginning of 2005, executions of
children and young people have been on the
increase in Honduras. During the month of
January alone, 34 children and young people
under the age of 23 lost their lives as a result
of an execution or a violent death. In
February, the total number of under 23s
already ascends to 37.

Although the State of Honduras has acknowledge the existence of this
problem, its gravity, seriousness and dimensions are not entirely grasped,
since the efforts and resources that are being assigned to address it are
not sufficient. Casa Alianza Honduras recognises the efforts of the Special
Investigation Unit for the Murders of Children, nevertheless the few
resources of the unit limit the effectiveness of the investigations and
consequently leave Honduran children without the protection they need.

Casa Alianza Honduras urges the State of Honduras to provide its children
and youth with a greater and better protection, assigning more resources
to the institutions in charge of conducting investigations and administrating
justice; sanctioning the people responsible for these deaths; and assuring
the full enjoyment of their fundamental rights to each Honduran child and
young person.


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