Europe: Research on Juvenile Justice Systems

The International Juvenile Justice Observatory, which is part of the Diagrama Foundation (Fundación Diagrama), has submitted a proposal of Opinion entitled "Prevention of the Juvenile Delinquency" to the European Economic and Social Committee, on the initiative of Mr. José Maria Zufiaur, President of the Latin American Follow-up Committee and Adviser of the European Economic and Social Committee.

According to the Recommendation of the Committee of Ministers for the Council of Europe on September 24th, 2003, juvenile delinquency has become a subject of great concern in the majority of European countries. This Recommendation also evokes the need to set up new answers on a European scale, giving more importance to multidisciplinary coordination. Considering the principles of the Recommendation, the main aims of this proposal of Opinion are: to develop a common policy of prevention of juvenile delinquency and to work out guidelines of good practices facilitating a uniform implementation in Europe.



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