ESTONIA: First report on children's rights awareness in Estonia

[1 June 2012] - The Chancellor of Justice and children's ombudsman, Indrek Teder, will today introduce the results of the first-ever study investigating awareness of children’s rights among parents and children in Estonia. 

According to the report, one in four adults and one in six children in Estonia have never heard of the notion of children’s rights, ERR radio reported. 

Approximately 25 per cent of parents do not consider physical punishment of children to constitute domestic violence. In today's statement coinciding with the International Child Protection Day, Teder said that physical punishment of children should be clearly prohibited by the law and parents must learn to use alternative correction methods.

The report also points out that every tenth child has witnessed violence at home, while around 50 per cent have been bullied at school at least once in their life.

The problems revealed in the report require consistent, deliberate and systematic attention, said Teder, who has been acting as the children ombudsman for a year since the establishment of the office. 

The study was conducted in 2012, surveying around 750 adults and 1,000 children aged 10 to 17. 


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