Committee on the Rights of the Child: Session reports

The 43rd session of the Committee on the Rights of the Child closing last Friday, after a three-week meeting which started on Monday, 11th September. On Friday, 15th, the Committee held its annual Day of General Discussion. This year's topic focused on article 12: the child's right to be heard.

During this session, the Committee received government delegations from Benin, Ethiopia, Ireland, Jordan, Kiribati, Oman, the Republic of Congo, Samoa, Senegal and Swaziland to discuss ways of improving the child rights situation in their respective countries. 

The Committee also examined the status of implementation of the two Optional Protocols of the Convention on the Rights of the Child for: Denmark, Syria, Vietnam (Optional Protocol on the sale of children - OPSC) and Kazakhstan, Malta, Vietnam (Optional Protocol on children and armed conflict - OPAC).

Summaries of the 43rd session by country have been produced by the NGO Group for the Convention on the Rights of the Child. The following country summaries are already available on the CRIN website: Benin - Ethiopia - Ireland - Kiribati - Oman - Republic of Congo - Samoa - Senegal - Swaziland - Denmark (OPSC) - Kazakhstan (OPAC) - Syria (OPSC) - Vietnam (OPSC / OPAC). The remaining summaries (Malta and Jordan) will be posted on CRIN's CRC news page as soon as they become available. 

During the third week, the Committee held closed meetings in order to take time to draft its Recommendations, or "Concluding Observations", to States reporting at this session (see next item). Committee members also needed some time to discuss various issues, including: the theme of next year's Day of General Discussion, the drafting of new General Comments (child participation, children and disability, and indigenous children), and the modalities of the forthcoming regional workshops on follow-up to the Committee's Concluding Observations (the next one will be held in Costa Rica).


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