Regional Youth Fora - Southeast, East Asia and the Pacific

Summary: Three fora are planned in Thailand to
facilitate the participation of youth
and children in the forthcoming UN
Special Session on Children.

SEAP Regional Children/Young People Forum:
Several international and regional NGOs and an inter-
governmental organization are collaborating to facilitate children
and young people’s involvement in the Special Session for
Children and the Global Movement. The following regional
initiatives have been planned involving children and young
- Regional Children and Young People Forum – 23-26 April 2001 :
This forum will be held just outside Bangkok, concurrently with
the SEAP Regional NGO Forum to prepare regional input into and
select a delegation to participate in the 5th EAP Ministerial
Consultation in Beijing.
- Regional Children and Young People Forum II – July 2001 :
Likely to be held in or near Bangkok to prepare the SEAP children
& young people's messages and select their delegation to attend
the UN Special Session in New York in September.
- Regional Follow-up Children and Young People Forum –
2001/2002 : it is proposed to hold a follow-up regional forum of
children and young people to feed back the results of the UN
Special Session and discuss follow-up actions at country and
regional levels.

A Coordinating Committee to organize these various meetings
has been set up with representation from Child Workers in Asia,
National Council for Child and Youth Development -Thailand, PLAN
International Asia Regional Office, Save the Children Alliance
SEAP, Save the Children-UK China Office, World Vision Foundation
– Thailand, and UNICEF-EAPRO. Children and young people will
be consulted extensively on planning and implementation of the
second and third fora.


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