MA Childhood Studies (Sociology of Childhood and Children's Rights)

Summary: Masters course in Childhood Studies, based on the sociology of childhood and children's rights. Can be taken over one year full-time, or two to four years part-time.

Learn to work with and for children through:

  • critically evaluating evidence and theories;
  • understanding key concepts in the sociology of childhood;
  • working towards children’s participation;
  • exploring ethical issues in researching childhood.

The MA Sociology of Childhood and Children’s Rights is a collaboration between three departments in the Institute’s Faculty of Children and Health – the Department of Early Childhood and Primary Education, the Social Science Research Unit and the Thomas Coram Research Unit.

The course is open to all those interested in children’s rights, and builds on recent awareness of the implications of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child for the ways that adults work with and for children. It reflects the importance of the ‘new sociology of childhood’ in rethinking ideas about children and childhood, with an emphasis on children’s participation, on changing social constructs of childhood and on children as a minority social group.

The course can be taken over one year full time, or two to four years part time.
You will take three core modules, and will choose one more module from the range offered by the Institute. The three core modules are:

1. Theories of Childhood and Children’s Rights Explores key concepts in the sociology of childhood, and the implications of viewing children as active participants in society, and childhood as a cultural construct. Addresses theories of children’s rights.

2. Children’s Rights in Practice Applies theoretical concepts to the work of professionals with children and young people. Considers the practicalities and problems of working with children in ways that afford them protection and promotes their participation.

3. Researching Childhood Introduces current research about children and childhood, and practical and ethical issues of researching aspects of children’s lives. Uses research-led teaching and prepares you for the dissertation which completes your degree.

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