Ethics and Childcare: A Collective Engagement

Observatory, the International seminar: “Ethics and childcare: a collective engagement”.

The Association Enfance et Partage and the International Juvenile Justice Observatory, invite you to propose a paper concerning the different topics that are offered during the International seminar which will be held on the 20th and 21st of November 2007 at the Unesco in Paris (France).

The Association Enfance et Partage fights against all kinds of mistreatments and for the acknowledgement of the Rights of the Child. For the occasion of its 30th birthday, Enfance et Partage is organizing, in partnership with the IJJO (International Juvenile Justice Observatory), the International Conference: "Ethics and childcare: a collective engagement".


At the beginning of this century, most of the European countries are concentrating more on their youth, looking for new, realistic and efficient solutions for children in difficulties. By definition, childcare consists in prevent and respond to all forms of violence, exploitation and abuse against children.


On an international scale, the Convention on the Rights of the Child, ratified by 191 countries, has assured the acknowledgement of the child as a Human Being with rights as well as the vulnerability of this age group.


On the 20th and 21st of November 2007, this international event will bring together professionals and experts from different countries and professional horizons. They will exchange their opinions and experiences on ethic matters they have been confronted with in their professional career.


Without the immediate creation of European ethics and minimum action standards, it will be impossible to guarantee the respect for the Rights of the Child and to promote the childcare: which ethics for the professionals in childcare? Which reflections and good practices can be exchanged amongst the European Member States?


The conference is meant for all professionals who wish to deepen their personal vision and confront it with that of other professionals coming from different countries. The following topics will be discussed: Media and endangered childhood - Interdisciplinary and professional secrets - Minor offender yet victim -


Programme Topics:

1. Media and Endangered childhood.
What is the media's influence and responsibility of the collective perception of childhood in danger? Professionnals in the area of childhood and media : building a common ethics.

2. Interdisciplinary communication and Professional secret.
How to respect the confidence of children and families ? How to communicate between multidisciplinary teams? What has to be communicated and why? An ethics to be clarified.

3. Minor offender yet victim as well.
Which ethics should used by professionals? How to apprehend a child who is an offender and a victim at the same time?

4. Accompanying the minor when parents fail.
Which ethics is to be applied for the judicial and human accompaniment of minors? How far can you go without replacing the family?


You can send your papers to the following e-mail address: Visit the link above for a proposal form.


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