BAHRAIN: Child abuse prevention campaign

Summary: A campaign organized by be-free center's friends children between 8-18 to raise community awareness about child abuse, and child rights. it takes many forms such as mini-workshops for young children on essential protection skills, writing articles in newspapers, and speaking on radio stations, and on tv.

1- 18th October: Conducting workshops for children in kindergartens in Saudi Arabia on Essential Protection Skills. These workshops are free and other organizations interested in such workshops can contact Be-Free Center.

2- 18 October - 19th November: A roadshow of mini-workshops of essential protection skills for children in Shopping Malls all over Bahrain.

3- 29th October: Be-Free Center will put on show  a short film for children under the title "pencils without lead" produced by AL Jazeera Channel for children, this film tells a life story of an Iraqi child. After the show a discussion is held by Be-Free Friends (16-17 years old) about child rights in general, and child rights in countries of wars or armed conflicts.

5th November - 26 November : workshops for children ages (6-8 years) titled: "My brain motivates me to succeed".


Rana Alsairafi, Be Free Center

Owner: Be Free Center