This oil-rich country is located on the Persian Gulf peninsula and has a single land border with Saudi Arabia to the south.Since gaining independence from Britain in 1971, Qatar has been ruled by an Emir. Despite being the home of global news network Al-Jazeera, freedom of expression is heavily restricted. Major children's rights concerns include juvenile justice,discrimination against girls and violence against children.

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187576070Population32820012.247835543993Population under 1568703925.639063632874Number of internet users
36 Human development index149 Happy planet ranking

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Policy and Advocacy

DEATH PENALTY: Submission for the Secretary-General's report on the death penalty 2018
30 Apr 2018
CRIN is campaigning for the abolition of inhuman sentencing of children, defined to include the death penalty, corporal...
QATAR: CAT submission on inhuman sentencing of children
29 Jan 2018
In Qatar, life imprisonment remains a lawful sentence for offences committed by children. The death penalty and corporal punishment may remain lawful for child offenders under Sharia law.
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