Lying between the Pacific Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea, the Latin American nation borders the United States of America, Guatemala and Belize. Mexico is a representative democratic republic, with a President acting as both chief of government and head of government, alongside a bicameral Congress and an extensive federal system. Current severe human rights concerns include abuses committed by law enforcement personnel, criminal activities carried out by drug cartels and criminal gangs, discrimination against indigenous people, violence against women and girls, and widespread sexual and economic exploitation.

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11614680070Population2944000017.743063089125Population under 154200000025.312793809214Number of internet users
61 Human development index22 Happy planet ranking

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ENVIRONMENT: Children's right to a clean environment
26 Jul 2010
[26 July 2010] - With the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico dominating headlines for the past three months, it is difficult...
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