An archipelago in the Indian ocean consisting of over 1,200 islands, the Maldives is one of the territories most at risk from rising sea levels due to climate change. After 30 years of autocratic one party rule, 2008 saw a new constitution and the opening up of elections - a situation sadly reversed with the coup of February 2012. In addition to targeting political opponents for arrest, the Maldives government also maintains the State mandated centrality of Sunni Islam, arresting those accused of producing “un-Islamic” materials as well as enforcing corporal punishment in the name of “Islamic law”.

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32430070Population10400022.448350292939Population under 1513676029.519580635214Number of internet users
104 Human development index

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DEATH PENALTY: Submission for the Secretary-General's report on the death penalty 2016
14 Apr 2016
CRIN is campaigning for the abolition of inhuman sentencing of children, defined to include the death penalty, corporal...
MALDIVES: UPR submission on inhuman sentencing of children
1 Oct 2014
Our research indicates that corporal punishment and the death penalty are lawful sentences for persons under 18 and that...
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