Torture and cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: UPR submission on inhuman sentencing
3/Jul/2017 Publication
The law of the United Arab Emirates falls short of prohibiting the death penalty and corporal punishment for offences...
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TONGA: UPR submission on inhuman sentencing
3/Jul/2017 Publication
The death penalty, life imprisonment and corporal punishment remain lawful in Tonga for offences committed by children....
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CRAE v. Secretary of State for Justice (and others)
Wed, 11/01/2012 - 15:00 Instrument
Case concerning the obligation of the State to inform children about potential claims they may have had for unlawful restraint in juvenile detention centres in the United Kingdom.
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NON-REFOULEMENT: CRIN's submission on CAT's Draft General Comment
30/Mar/2017 Publication
This submission provides comments on the draft General Comment of the Committee Against Torture on article 3 of the...
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PAKISTAN: UPR submission on inhuman sentencing of children
28/Mar/2017 Publication
Corporal punishment, life imprisonment and the death penalty are lawful sentences for offences committed by children in...
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DEPRIVATION OF LIBERTY: New resources and statistics
1/Mar/2017 News
New resources on children deprived of their liberty, including a compilation of statistics on children detained in the criminal justice system across almost 180 countries.
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KUWAIT: Inhuman sentencing of children
14/Feb/2017 Publication
On 1 January 2017, legislation came into force that allows children to be lawfully sentenced to death and life imprisonment for crimes committed when they were 16 or older.
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What does 'radicalisation' mean for children’s rights in different regions?
23/Jan/2017 Publication
Here we look at how the term 'radicalisation' is used and what it means for children in the United Kingdom, Francophone countries, the Middle East and North Africa and Eastern Europe and Central Asia.  
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ARGENTINA: Juvenile life sentences breached human rights standards
11/Jan/2017 Publication
Five Argentinian children were sentenced to life in prison, suffering grievous ill-treatment and incarceration for years before their cases were heard by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights.
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