Article 28: Education

RIGHT TO HEALTH: CRIN's submission for OHCHR's report on the Sustainable Development Goals
16/Oct/2017 Publication
This submission was made to provide input the report of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights on the...
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CZECH REPUBLIC: First steps taken on ending anti-Roma discrimination in schools
13/Sep/2017 Publication
In 1999, D.H. and Others v. the Czech Republic became the first case in Czech history to seek an end to anti-Roma discrimination in education.
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ÉDUCATION : la société civile appelle les investisseurs à cesser leur soutien à BIA
2/Aug/2017 Publication
174 organisations de la société civile à travers le monde appellent les investisseurs de la chaine d’école américaine Bridge International Academies à cesser leur soutien
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EDUCATION: Civil society call on investors to cease support to BIA
1/Aug/2017 Publication
174 organisations worldwide call investors to cease support to American chain of schools Bridge International Academies   
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SEXUAL ORIENTATION AND GENDER IDENTITY: CRIN'S submission to the report of the Independent Expert
6/Jun/2017 Publication
CRIN's submission for the report of the Independent Expert on protection against violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity  
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ХОРВАТИЯ: Десятилетия споров по вопросам полового воспитания ни к чему не привели
5/Jun/2017 Publication
Коллективная жалоба подвергла критике дискриминационные материалы, используемые на уроках полового воспитания в Хорватии, но не смогла закрепить лучшую систему.
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БОЛГАРИЯ: Больше никаких оправданий об отсутствии образования для детей с проблемами психического здоровья
30/Mar/2017 Publication
Узнав о том, что детям с проблемами психического здоровья систематически отказывают в доступе к образованию в Болгарии, международная НПО подала жалобу в Европейский комитет по социальным правам.  
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АЗЕРБАЙДЖАН не готов к инклюзивному образованию?
17/Feb/2017 News
Разговоры о необходимости внедрения инклюзивного образования в Азербайджане продолжаются уже достаточно давно, в стране...
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E.T. v. Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board
Wed, 23/11/2016 - 00:00 Instrument
A case on withdrawing children from classes that conflict with religious beliefs and notification of parents about potentially objectionable lessons.
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Mapping the Global Goals for Sustainable Development and the Convention on the Rights of the Child
17/Nov/2016 Publication
It has been recognized widely that all 17 Sustainable Development Goals are relevant for children but how do they...
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